Defence chiefs spend millions on Botox and beauty remedies for military staff

Defence chiefs spend millions on Botox and beauty remedies for military staff

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Defense chiefs have spent thousands and thousands on Botox and different beauty remedies for ­navy personnel. Since 2015 nearly £10million has been blown on operations and nostril jobs, tummy tucks, and breast discounts for male and female troops. It occurred in personal hospitals or non-public wards in NHS hospitals, and the Ministry of Defence paid the payments. The MoD insists although treatment can be classed “beauty,” it’s miles needed to let troops do their jobs. One supply said a male soldier had a breast discount, so he should healthy into frame armor.

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But the listing of operations additionally includes tattoo removal and, in one case, a £15,000 course of IVF.
Nine employees had nearly £5,000 of remedy with Botox, typically used to ease out wrinkles. Members of the Army, RAF, and Royal Navy, had ­liposuction to take away frame fat. Since January 2018, the MoD has spent £32,000 on breast discounts and greater than £19,000 on tummy tucks. Britain’s carrier employees were once dealt with in military hospitals, but they had been closed in a spherical of 1993 cuts. The MoD said: “We do no longer pay for approaches which might be purely for beauty reasons. Any method undertaken is important to make certain that employees can keep doing their activity. Each case is assessed by way of medical examiners.”

The spokesman couldn’t explain why some treatments qualified. However, they stated Botox could forestall muscle spasms. Meanwhile, vandals sprayed swastikas around timber, which become the venue for a unique D-Day commemoration in advance this month. Police are appealing for witnesses to the sickening vandalism which occurred at Twyford Wood in Lincolnshire. During World War Two, the website turned into used as an airfield wherein many foot soldiers flew out for the Normandy invasion. Several regions in the wood had been defaced with swastikas in silver and white spray paint. These consist of a commemorative bench that recollects the one’s squaddies who flew out from the website on D-Day.

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