Three On Your Side Investigates: Dental Dilemma

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Each yr, lots of children in Mississippi get essential dental care from cellular dentistry agencies. One commercial enterprise particularly handled approximately 18,000 college students simply ultimate yr.

Dental Dilemma
However, the proprietor of that enterprise claims some dentists are breaking their very own guidelines to hurt her enterprise through intimidation and harassment, such as a person appointed through the governor to sit on the very board that regulates dental practices for the Magnolia State. “To have allegations thrown out that which might be very hurtful, and try to, you realize, slander our organization and make us seem like anyone that we’re now not, you try and now not take it private, but it’s miles,” said Ashley Casey, owner of Smiles to Go, a mobile dentistry operation.
In the span of three months, Casey said she’s had to put up with invasions of privacy and harassment that’s affected her business, all because she owns a cellular dentistry medical institution that serves lots of youngsters in Mississippi. The first incident occurred in January 2016, when Casey’s employees confirmed up at Columbus High School to provide dental care for college students there. Other dental assistants showed up, too, in keeping with statements from Casey’s staff, submitted as part of Casey’s criticism to the state dental board.

The school brought them as “neighborhood dental professionals that desired to study” Smiles to Go’s “operations.” Casey claims that in doing so, they were violating the affected person’s privacy. “Huge violations came about, one being HIPAA,” Casey said. “We’re seeking to defend our sufferer’s scientific information, and they are taking snapshots of it.”At one point, a statement claimed a traveler turned over a listing of student names to look who had already been given a remedy. It took several questions before the journeying dental personnel diagnosed wherein they worked. “That turned into a huge pink flag,” Casey said. Eventually, Casey’s employees determined out from one “dental professional” that a few worked for Dr. David Curtis, a pediatric dentist in Columbus.

One month later, the Lowndes County School District severed its settlement with Casey. An e-mail from the college’s superintendent claimed a neighborhood pediatric dentist became afraid college students the usage of Medicaid or insurance for Smiles to Go wouldn’t be capable of using those blessings again for observe-up visits at dental offices, a declare Casey insists is fake. 3 On Your Side also discovered that the spouse of any other Columbus dentist, Dr. Steven Porter, became additionally staring at students at the excessive college that day. Casey located out that local dentist who talked to the faculty district turned into additionally Dr. Curtis, so she met with the college district. “He essentially said that till I ‘get a blessing from a positive neighborhood dentist,’ that I could not are available in there,” Casey said.

Casey believes any motivation by traditional dentists is solely pushed with the aid of opposition…Turf warfare of kinds. Weeks after the Casey agreement was dropped, a commercial ran in a Columbus newspaper. Are you looking for a good dental office? How to choose a dentist overseas? How to choose a dental care center which offers good service? Searching for the right dentist? These may be some of the questions on your mind if you’re looking for a well-qualified dentist. There are a few key points one should keep in mind when selecting a good dental office.

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