Don’t Trust Fad Diets: Here’s How You Can Really Lose Weight

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Nothing worth having ever comes easy because people wouldn’t have to shed blood, sweat, and tears to get what they want if it did. This timeless phrase can apply to all aspects of your life, whether it’s about the career you’re building or the goals you want to achieve.

This is also applicable to wanting to lose some weight. It can be tempting to try the popular diets you see on the internet because those who have tried them showed incredible results. However, it’s important to note that every person’s body is different; what works for others may not work for you.

Lose Weight

Trying a fad diet and failing to see visible results might demotivate you from losing weight at all. Or it might push you to resort to crash diets that can be dangerous to your health. Wanting to lose weight shouldn’t come at the cost of your health and well-being, which means that you have to take the healthy route.

If you truly want to shed some pounds and keep them off, then you can’t take any shortcuts. That means no fad or crash diets, weight loss pills, and risky procedures that can put your health in danger. Here’s the proper and healthy way to lose weight:

First Step: Seek Professional Help

It cannot be easy to begin your fitness journey if you don’t know where to begin. Most people will refer to online tutorials, fitness blogs, or the advice of self-proclaimed gurus. While these can be helpful for you in the beginning, they shouldn’t be your only sources of information.

This is because not everything you find online can be trusted. Fitness journeys should be personalized based on people’s individual needs, which means that you have to seek professional advice. One way to achieve this is by consulting weight loss nutritionists to create a program that can work for you.

Nutritionists and doctors are experts who can develop diets based on scientific facts. They won’t give you advice just for the sake of it; they will use your personal needs and goals to help you achieve the body you want. All you have to do is make the first step and seek their help.

Second Step: Pair Diet with Exercise

A diet is only effective if you can do it simultaneously with the appropriate amount of exercise recommended by your doctor or fitness trainer. You can’t lose weight by just doing one or the other — they have to be done simultaneously to achieve the maximum effect.

There are plenty of fads online that say you can lose weight immediately if you drank a certain concoction or cut out specific food products from your diet. But those aren’t true because losing weight by taking a shortcut can be dangerous to your health and leave you with serious health conditions.

You also won’t lose weight through exercise alone, especially if you’re consuming more carbohydrates than you’re burning. Over-exercising and pushing your body’s limits to make up for not adhering to a nutritious diet can be extremely harmful to your health. For this to work, you have to do both diet and exercise.

Third Step: Maintain Your Fitness Routines

It’s impossible to lose weight overnight. At most, it can take a few weeks to a few months of steady dieting and exercise before you can start to see visible changes in your body. But that shouldn’t discourage you from beginning your fitness journey. If anything, it should motivate you to keep going.

Even if you can’t see visible changes to your body immediately, you will notice invisible changes to the naked eye. For instance, your back may no longer hurt even if you’re sat in front of your computer for the better part of the day. It might also be easier for you to climb the stairs without struggling to catch your breath. A nutritious diet and regular exercise can also make you feel happier because your body is getting its needs. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that can boost your mood and relieve your stress. Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle can be beneficial to your overall well-being.

Meta title: What to Do to Healthily Lose Weight Without Crash Dietingmeta desc: There are no shortcuts in life— not in your career and certainly not in losing weight. It’s easy to live a sedentary lifestyle rather than a healthy one because there’s no work involved. However, staying sedentary increases your risk for chronic illnesses and pains in the future. So if you want to lose weight and live a healthier life, you have to put in the work to make it happen. If you want to shed some pounds, you have to put in the work.

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