Euphonic Yoga: The song of latest-age yoga

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The first sight and sound within the room, as we enter, is a mesmerizing rendition of yogasanas accompanied by chanting of ragas, storms, and thumping of toes. It’s a visible treat to the eyes and melodious, cheering track to the senses, one which you can not omit. “Dance is not just a medium to express, as it has monstrous strength to regulate the temper. This alteration is defined by the idea of a chakra gadget in our bodies. For, e.g., mooladhara chakra energizes the base of our body that consists of hips, legs, knees, toes and is stricken by raga Shyam Kalyan,” explains the Delhi-primarily based curator of Euphonic yoga, Shruti Chaturlal Sharma, “It’s a unique fusion of yoga, track and dance strategies which can help obtain the better magnitude of a character,” she says.

Euphonic Yoga
The brainchild of Sharma and yoga choreographer Suman Kanawat Singh, Euphonic yoga became conceptualized in November 2016, combining dance and track. Dance and yoga are two specific aspects but were very well synchronized in this artwork shape. The ideology at the back of this shape makes dance because the most stunning form of motion expressing the innermost thoughts while showcasing a healing relationship between the two. So, how did it all start? When Sharma determined now not to follow her grandfather’s footsteps, a famed tabla player, Pandit Chaturlal, and explore dance rather. She observed many similarities between yoga and dance and explored varied techniques, practices, and gestures closer to health. “I decided to inculcate Indian classical dance forms in yoga, making it extra interesting and without problems knowable to the visitors whereas track worked as a catalyst,” she explains. Music is a science that impacts thoughts and body without delay, hence making use of specific ragas for specific chakras. “We have designed numerous modules which include song primarily based on ragas and yogasanas merged with Indian classical dance and its technicalities that include stress-relieving sporting events, gaining knowledge of and improvement strategies and deep meditation,” says Sharma, who frequently organizes workshops and consultation for corporates

Euphonic yoga is popular amongst workplace goers due to the growing understanding approximately emotional intelligence. The company heads are searching for unconventional solutions to grow the performance of their employees, be it government or MNCs. The dance itself is a complete exercise of the frame muscles and the yogic kriyas stimulating the anxious and muscular system. For instance, the taskbar that is the footwork of Kathak, the dance sound constituted of stomping, stimulates the nerves. Similarly, the trial device or the clapping of the palms, counting the beats by using touching of the fingers, again and again, turn on the sensations and the urgent of the finger recommendations activates distinct stress points in the frame and balances the 5 elements that the fingers represent. Interestingly, the hand gestures, facial actions, which include eye and neck motion, are nearly similar to yogic kriyas with innumerable blessings.

A customized Euphonic yoga session works as a stress buster, admits Sharma, “It improves thoughts and body coordination, for that reason increasing efficiency and productiveness, improves alertness, interpersonal competencies, and multi-tasking, reduces pressure, anxiety and instills positivity and stimulates reminiscence. It even helps in voice modulation, group building, and emotional intelligence.” Sharma feels that yoga is turning into particularly famous due to its potential to affect people directly. “With advance research in this field, it’s miles being followed not best-using individuals however also with the aid of numerous corporates in a massive way,” she says.

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