Functional Foods and Drinks Markets, 2024 – Millennials Inclination Towards Fitness and the Ensuing Focus on

Functional Foods and Drinks Markets, 2024 – Millennials Inclination Towards Fitness and the Ensuing Focus on

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This document affords separate comprehensive analytics for America, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Rest of the World. Annual estimates and forecasts are supplied for the length of 2016 via 2024. Also, a 5-12 month historical evaluation is furnished for those markets.

Functional Foods and Drinks

Abbott Nutrition (USA)
ABF Ingredients, Ltd. (UK)
Amway Corporation (USA)
Archer Daniels Midland Company (USA)
Arla Foods amba (Denmark)
BASF SE (Germany)
Ceapro, Inc. (Canada)
Celsius Holdings, Inc. (USA)
Coca-Cola Co. (USA)
Monster Beverage Corporation (USA)
CytoSport, Inc. (USA)
Daflorn Ltd. (Bulgaria)
Dali Foods Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Danone SA (France)
Del Monte Pacific Limited (DMPL) (Singapore)
Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. (USA)
General Mills, Inc. (USA)
Glanbia Plc (Ireland)
Glanbia Nutritionals Limited (UK)
GlaxoSmithKline Plc (UK)
MaxiNutrition (UK)
GNC Holdings, Inc. (USA)
Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Herbalife International, Inc. (USA)
Kellogg Company (USA)
Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Natural Products, Inc. (USA)
Nestle S.A. (Switzerland)
Nestl Nutrition (Switzerland)
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Japan)
PepsiCo Inc. (USA)
The Quaker Oats Company, Inc. (USA)
Post Holdings, Inc. (USA)
Dymatize Enterprises, LLC (USA)
Rockstar Inc. (USA)
Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. (The Netherlands)
DMV International BV (Netherlands)
Shenzhen Eastroc Beverage Industry Co., Ltd. (China)
Suntory Holdings Limited (Japan)
Lucozade Ribena Suntory Ltd. (UK)
TC Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Red Bull GmbH (Austria)
The Dow Chemical Company (USA)
The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. (USA)
Unilever percent (UK)
Valio Ltd. (Finland)
Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Key Topics Covered:


Functional Foods and Beverages: Foods and Drinks with Additional Health Constituents that Prevent, Manage, or Treat Disease
Global Trends throughout Different Functional Foods and Beverages
Personalization and Fragmentation
Focus on Digestive Health and Wellness
Rising Interest in Fermented Foods
Protein-Fortified Products Rise in Demand
Plant-Based Protein Products Gain Momentum
Vegetables Offered in a Convenient Format Foster Interest in Plant-Based Products
Naturally Functional Products Enjoy Rising Popularity
Elderly and Infants: The Most Coveted Consumer Group
Meat Substitutes: A Dicey Proposition
Other Notable Functional Food and Nutrition Trends
Major Natural Functional Foods Trending Across the World
Growing Efficacy of Functional Foods and their Active Ingredients in Enabling Life without Drugs Drive Widespread Adoption
Major Functional Foods, their Functional Components and Health Benefits Summarized
Major Functional Spices and their Health Benefits Summarized
Select Functional Food Applications in Non-Dairy Products
Popular Functional Ingredients and their Growth Trends
Gut Health
Bone Health
Boosting Immunity Levels
Joint and Eye Health
Oral/Dental Health
Physical Performance Enhancers
Mental Performance Enhancers
Other Noteworthy Areas of Application
Global Market Outlook
Developed Countries Dominate Market Demand
Developing Countries Spearhead Current and Future Market Growth
India & China: Important Potential Future Markets


Functional Foods and Drinks: A Fragmented Market
Growing Competition inside the Global Energy Drinks Market
Red Bull and Monster Energy Rule the Global Energy Drinks Market
Leading Energy Drinks Companies Worldwide (2018E): Percentage Market Share Breakdown for Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar, Suntory, TC Pharma, and Others
Consolidation: Shaping the Market Landscape
F&B Companies Focus on Healthier Innovations
Nanotechnology: A Boon for Functional Food Manufacturers
Nanoencapsulation Improves Delivery and Bioavailability
New’ is the Buzzword for Food Makers and Retailers
Regional and Cultural Customization: Essential for Success inside the Emerging Markets
Strong Research Backup and Media Publicity: Key Product Differentiators
Pharmaceutical and Food Companies Join the Bandwagon
Steadily Increasing Consumer Awareness Favors Manufacturers
Innovative Marketing Strategies Define Product Success
Private Label: Aggressive Foray
Daily Dose Packaging System: Prominent Distributing Method
Digital Marketing Opens Up New Avenues of Growth


Surging Demand for Healthy Functional Beverages Drive Strong Market Growth
Increasing Number of Health and Fitness Clubs Drive Dominance of Sports and Energy Drinks in Functional Beverages
Recent Trends inside the Sports and Energy Drinks Market
More Natural, Organic, and Functional Versions to Drive Energy Drinks Growth
Energy Shots: The Latest Buzz in Energy Drinks
Sports & Energy Drinks: Always Youthful
Health Issues to Lower Demand for Sugar-Sweetened Products
Top 10 Claims of Product Launches within the Global Sports & Energy Drinks Market
Sugar-Free Energy Drinks Swarm the Market
Sports and Energy Drinks Consumption No Longer Confined to Athletes and Sportspersons
Recent Functional Drink Advancements
Anti-Aging Drinks
Cholesterol Balance Drinks
Functional Drinks that Support Digestive Health
Immunity Defense Drinks
Juice Drinks Fortified with Functional Ingredients
Meal Replacement Drinks
Natural Energy Drinks
Omega-three Drinks
Protein Drinks
Stress Relief Drinks
Tooth-Friendly Drinks
Weight Management Drinks
Antioxidants: The Next Big Thing in Functional Beverages
Antioxidant-Fortified Beverages with Hydration as Added Benefit
Functional Tea Drinks with Antioxidant-Rich Ingredients
Antioxidants Fortified Water
Probiotic Beverages have the edge over Supplements
Growing Popularity of Waters Tapped from Fruits and Trees
Functional Beverages for Children Register Significant Growth
Functional Beverages Make Inroads into Cosmeceuticals
Millennials Inclination towards Fitness and the Ensuing Focus on Functional Foods and Drinks Drive Market Gains
Global Millennial Population Facts & Figures: Important Opportunity Indicators
Bacterial Population with Gut Benefits
Scientific Evidence for Probiotics
Dairy-Based Functional Yogurt: The Most Popular Probiotic Food
Probiotic-Fortified Products with Functional Benefits
Functional Dairy Products: The Most Popular Probiotic Delivery Vehicle
The focus of Young Women on Healthy Living Due to Increasing Spending Power and Delayed Motherhood Benefit Market Expansion
A large number of Women Adopt Fitness, Functional Nutrition, and Wearable Technology
Growing Acceptance of Functional Foods & Beverages Among Women
Bone and Heart Health Functional Food Witness Heightened Interest from the Aging Population
Omega-three Supplementation Essential for Maintaining Cognitive Function in Older People
Increasing Incidence of Chronic Diseases Boosts Demand for Functional Foods and Drinks


Hyper-Functional Beverages
Prebiotic Nanofiber Matrix Enables Survival of Probiotic in Functional Beverages
Anti-Inflammatory Agents from Durian Shells for Functional Food
Personalized Nutrition
Nutrigenomics: Vision of the Future
Hybrid Drinks: Combining Functional and Soft Drinks
Other Innovative Functional Foods and Drinks Offerings


Stumbling Blocks for the Functional Foods Market
Top Reasons that Prevent Consumption of Functional Food Products: Ranked based on Consumer Preference
Are Functional Foods Really Needed?
Regulation Issues Confronting Functional Foods & Beverages Market
Regulations to Further Tighten
Consumer Welfare Organizations Pin Down on Functional Foods: Some Condemn Others Commend
Key Challenges for the Makers of Functional Foods
Issues Using Probiotics
Higher Product Costs to Challenge Market Growth

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