Prep Well This Summer with a Brazilian Wax

Prep Well This Summer with a Brazilian Wax

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The options to go bare—that is, without hair—have come a long way since more women began shaving their legs in the 1940s. Back then, men were in the force, so the ladies needed to take over the jobs they had left behind.

But that also meant wearing stockings, and because the primary material used to make it was both scarce and rationed, women decided to go without the pair instead.

Brazilian Wax

Today, the ladies can choose where and how much hair they’d like to get rid of. They can do it by themselves or visit a waxing salon, relax, and let the experts take care of it.

And this summer, one of the hottest (no pun intended) hair removal services is the Brazilian wax.

What Is the Brazilian Wax?

Many confuse the Brazilian wax with other hair removal services, such as the bikini line and the bikini full wax. This is understandable since they all work similarly with a few distinctions:

  • A bikini line wax involves removing the hair strands that are likely to go out of the bikini. This means the hair that grows on the sides of the bikini and a few more at the top near the belly button.
  • A full bikini wax means removing the hair along the bikini line and the front of the pubic bone.
  • Brazilian waxing is getting rid of the majority of all of the hair on the pubic area, the top of the bikini line, and those hair strands around the anus and under the perineum, which is between the genitals and the anus.

Contrary to what most people think, the Brazilian wax didn’t originate from Brazil. In fact, it sounds more like a marketing ploy of seven women (sisters, to be honest) who used to run a salon in Manhattan, New York.

According to the story, the J Sisters, who all came from Brazil, grew up being taught to feel more comfortable with their bodies. This means they weren’t shy to wear less clothing, especially during summer when the weather becomes uncomfortably hot.

Put, waxing their genital areas seemed to be a common practice in the household. Thus, in the 1990s, one of the sisters decided to try it on an executive assistant, who liked it. The rest, they say, is history.

What Can You Expect from a Brazilian Wax?

Eventually, the salon the sisters opened closed, but the methods continue as the competitors caught on, and some of their staff decided to jump ship.

Despite its popularity, many women, especially those who haven’t tried it, still don’t have an accurate picture of how it goes. It can also be subject to different falsehoods. To finally clear the matter, here’s what women can expect when they choose to have a Brazilian wax:

1. They Don’t Need to Go Completely Bare

The Brazilian wax can also be likened to a French wax wherein clients can retain a small amount of genital hair. The biggest difference is that the French wax doesn’t include removing strands around the anal region.

Women can ask to leave a small strip in the middle or have the remaining hair shaped like a triangle or a square.

2. Yes, There’s Pain Involved

Is Brazilian wax painful? The answer is yes. If pulling the hair strands on top of your head can make you say ouch, expect to say the same thing when someone gets rid of multiple hairs in the public area all at once.

For this reason, salons may advise women to take pain relievers even before their appointment. Although women on their period can proceed with the Brazilian wax as long as they’re wearing tampons or menstrual cups, they may advise them to wait until their menstruation is over. The area around the genitals is more sensitive, making you more likely to find the procedure more painful.

Overall, though, this doesn’t require any recovery period except that you may have to abstain from sex for at least a week. Salons also apply creams before and after waxing to reduce the chances of having ingrown hairs and decrease the redness.

3. Waxing Does Have Its Benefits

In reality, gynecologists will tell you that you don’t need to wax or remove any hair in the nether regions to be hygienic. However, this procedure may still be worth it as it may help exfoliate the area. Waxing can also lift the dead skin cells besides the roots.

Brazilian waxing seems intimidating or overwhelming, so when in doubt, ask the salon experts. But if the A-list celebrities can do it, there’s no reason why you can’t, particularly if you want to feel more confident to wear your bikini this season.

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