Salman Khan says his father does yoga, Pilates to stay suit: five yoga asanas for older guys to stay healthy

Salman Khan says his father does yoga, Pilates to stay suit: five yoga asanas for older guys to stay healthy

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New Delhi: Father’s Day is being celebrated on the 16th of June, Sunday, 2019. This day marks the birthday celebration of one of the most vital human beings in someone’s lifestyle, a father. Like us, various celebrities have taken to social media to specific their love for their fathers. It is a way to say thank you for all of the selfless love, sacrifice, and affection that they’ve showered on us all our lives. Let

Salman Khan took to Twitter to want his dad, Salim Khan, a Happy Father’s Day. In the latest interview with DNA, Salman additionally expressed his wish to look like his father while he’s as vintage as him. Salman advised that Salim Khan exercises regularly and practices yoga, pilates, or even a piece of weight schooling to stay wholesome and in shape. If you’re a dad and wish to grow to be match and healthy for a long term, Salim Khan is the appropriate thought for you, and upcoming International Yoga Day can be the best excuse to start! Here are 5 Yoga asanas that are completely useful for guys’ fitness and may be accomplished using guys of all ages. The satisfactory element is that they are foundational asanas and are the beginner’s stage so that you don’t have anything to worry about.

Mountain Pose

The mountain pose is great for seniors because it helps to enhance posture, which begins to be reshaped as they age. The mountain pose also helps preserve balance and can be used as heat and the relaxation of the yoga habitual. Stand straight along with your palms on your sides and toes slightly apart and breathe. In truth, currently, even PM Modi shared an instructional video of the identical pose.

Tree Pose

The subsequent is the tree pose, which is once more a standing pose and works on stability and electricity inside the legs. This pose facilitates older guys to paintings on their abdominal location, as hip troubles are widespread in senior people. They may also use a chair or a wall for aid if they feel they cannot hold stability, to begin with.

Downward dog

A yoga poses useful for nearly every part of the frame; the downward dog can definitely assist seniors in keeping their health. It helps treat and stop joint issues, improves flexibility and power, and keeps the legs and arms mobile. One can start on their palms and knees and then move downward, dealing with the dog role simultaneously as regulating respiratory.


This yoga pose is achieved laying down and may save you and treat certain back conditions, very commonplace in older people. This yoga pose also can assist in respiration troubles by way of commencing up the lungs. Lie down on your stomach facing downward and lift the higher part of your frame whilst preserving the decrease element on the ground. Regulate respiratory and stretch. However, human beings who’ve extreme conditions may also want to keep away from this yoga asana.


One of the most popular yoga poses for lazy people is lying down like a corpse. It is like a relaxing asana after a recurring yoga. This asana can assist older people in feeling refreshed after a yoga session and help them meditate. Meditation can help in calming them down and save you many physical and intellectual fitness conditions.

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