Wahington D.C. Cop Sexually Assaulted Fellow Cop During a Cellulite Massage

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A male police officer touched any other officer’s vagina in the course of a cellulite rubdown; he went to prison.
A Washington D.C. The police officer turned into arrested and charged Thursday with sexually assaulting a lady police officer, allegedly whilst administering a massage remedy to her at Roche’s Microblading and Spa in Mount Pleasant. The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has confirmed that forty two-year-antique Pearce Then was arrested in connection with the attack.

Cellulite Massage
Then’s alleged sufferer turned into also a D.C. Police officer, consistent with court docket documents. Both officers were off responsibility while the attack allegedly befell. According to WJLA News, on June 10, the sufferer went to an appointment at Roche’s Microblading and Spa. According to courtroom documents, the victim had set up an appointment for cellulite treatment on her legs with Then by textual content message ahead. Then’s wife owns the spa, and he told police that he now and again volunteers there. During the course of the remedy, Then allegedly sexually assaulted the victim. The sufferer says Officer Then penetrated her vagina without her permission and against her will.

It turned into then that the sufferer left the appointment and drove to the Fourth District Police Station, wherein she notified the watch commander approximately what had happened. Police started an investigation and ultimately interviewed Then at his home in Maryland. He told them that he had touched the victim within the way she defined; however, it came about “on coincidence” whilst he turned into administering the cellulite remedy. Then advised police he has been volunteering at his wife’s spa for the final two months. Then pleaded no longer guilty in the courtroom on Thursday, and a judge allowed him to be launched pending some other listening to on July eight.
Then became charged with first-diploma sexual abuse of a client. Then’s police powers were revoked, and he has been positioned on non-touch status. Then has been an MPD officer in view that 2012, and he is assigned to the Fourth District, in step with the branch.,

The MPD released this announcement:

“The Metropolitan Police Department does no longer condone any criminal or immoral conduct by way of a worker. Officer Then’s actions are a disgrace to each person who wears a badge. I am grateful that MPD’s Sexual Assault Unit become able to bring this situation to closure quickly.” Before you could begin working as a rubdown therapist, you have to perform a rubdown interview to get the job, and interviewing for a rubdown role is pretty distinct from most different interview processes. For many massage therapists, the first job they keep without delay out of rub-down college is for a chiropractor or a spa/salon owner to work as an unbiased contractor, and it is essential to understand what to ask that allows you to be given the proper role. Understanding if you’ll get paintings as an employee or an impartial contractor – especially while a massage therapist is starting their exercise – is useful while deciding which to paint.

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